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Yvonne dating agency

The trick is to go to work and not be busy.

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Opt for the Cookie-Monster one piece instead. Williams sent packing More most viewed articles.

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None of this is as important as flirting and making eyes with your cute boss over the top of that computer screen. Bridgit Allingham, 33, an account manager for a media company, has started seeing somebody she met through the matchmaking agency Blue Label Life - a "very eligible, French CEO".

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Ms Allen said a lot of women had partly themselves to blame for not finding a mate, because their expectations were too high. Samantha Jayne, who runs Blue Label Life, calculates her clients' compatibility with one another through a "scientific" formula that matches people with similar attitudes and values. You are not too busy for love, so stop pretending to be.

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If Tony who works in the next cubicle suggests sharing lunch together then excuse yourself, put on your Lulu Lemon, strap on some trainers and get out of the building asap. Video Image Love advice from retirees 1: Don't chase your intended bloke. For four decades, she said, she has been providing advice to mainly female clients who have excelled in previously male dominated industries. But did she find love?

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Email Print this yvonne dating agency Normal font Large font. Happiness and singledom are mutually exclusive states of being.

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They come from her 40 years of experience, she says. Search BoxSection NavigationContent.

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Welcome to The Sydney Morning Herald. Run very fast in the opposite direction of any man you come across at work.

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Times are tough on the dating scene, so we asked some love-veterans for advice.