Telephone hook up to cell phone Connecting a Telephone Handset to Your Cell Phone

Telephone hook up to cell phone

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Make it obvious to others that you've unplugged the wires on purpose and they shouldn't undo your modifications without risking damage to your inside equipment.

You will be working with lines that carry a small amount of voltage.

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The specific description in this tutorial is for a phone with a four conductor TRRS 3. Can you please give a more detailed schematics of all the wire connections??? Be sure to buy Model "BT" if you plan to eliminate your landline.

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Winged Fist author Reply The Dock-N-Talk currently supports over cell phone models, including all bluetooth models. Once you agree to port your home phone number, it can take 5-to business days to be completed. We've all been paying portability fees for years. Installation varies slightly for each of these landline-to-cell phone converters.

Introduction: Connecting a Telephone Handset to Your Cell Phone

We get good reception at home and everywhere we travel. I was walking through a busy shopping mall and getting the strangest looks from folks wondering how I was using an old fashioned phone handset which appeared to be attached to nothing.

It's great for folks that want to dock their cell phone thereby using their cell phone minutes and potentially saving on long distance phone bills without cutting their landlineor who currently have two landlines and want to replace one with their cell phone, and still use all of their phones in the house.

Confirm the line is disconnected before installing your converter.

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To be extra safe, you can also wrap a nylon tie-wrap around the box so it can't be opened without cutting it. You have to add battery and resistor to make this working We have been using Verizon Wireless for years.

Purchase a Docking Station

This frees you from ever having to check the home phone for voicemail messages, and allows you to answer calls to your home when you're away. Best yet is talking to your pocket in the mall.

The accessory may require you to sync it with your phone before it becomes operational. It is an extremely simple circuit if you've got the right skills and knowledge and the ability to use a search engine to look up the details for your particular phone and verify that it'll work with whatever handset you can get your hands on.

PhoneLynx only connects to your landline phone.

Step 1: Why a Corded Handset

What in the heck was Samsung thinking when they placed the far too low volume speaker on the back of my phone facing away from my ear? Chose one or the other.

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Therefore there is a chance of causing a fire or damaging your phone lines and equipment. Disconnect the landline service to your home.

I myself would gladly use such thing. Each will have a short telephone hook up to cell phone of telephone wire coming out of it with a phone connector plug on the end plugged into a corresponding jack.

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All the phones in your house should ring. Other useful ways to use a second docking station include taking it with you to a vacation home, so that you can make calls from individual rooms.

I am not an electrician. You probably already have one.