Marriage not dating ep 11 english Marriage Not Dating Episode 11 English Sub RAW - FULL HD

Marriage not dating ep 11 english

I really really liked that JM was open, honest, and considerate of YR in her breakup.

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He really looks sincere, too — awww, sweet boy. Yeon Woo Jin Main Cast.

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But now it's Monday and work has been crazy this morning and I'm angry at these dummies all over again! AJ August 11, at 4: Who knows when this will end?

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Someone please put Se-ah and Yeo-reum away somewhere and let Ki-tae and Jang-mi alone for one freaking marriage not dating ep 11 english I think the last time I hated a female second lead this much was Sena in Rooftop Prince.

Choi Jin Hyuk sang it on Emergency Couple too.

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Witch's Romance, while having great GREAT side characters, had such a bad 2nd lead guy that could have ruined the show but the leads were so cute together that it's one of my favorite dramas.

So the two just lightly kick each other until Yeo Reum brings everyone some beers.

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I do believe he genuinely likes Jang Mi and we've been given enough hints to realize Yeo Reum is aware that Jang Mi and Ki Tae have a budding relationship thus it is natural that he'll become desperate to gain back her affection. I non-stop cheered for Ki-tae and kept on getting moony eyes, swooned here and there everytime he silently mumbled and kept his feelings hidden to himself. Jang Mi makes Mom brave.

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Fave part of this ep was definitely the cat fight! And with that, I am officially done with Yeo-reum.

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Not gonna lie - totally watching this for the leads only. Yoon So Hee Main Cast.

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He is now on my Fail list and he should go away. Here, both Ki-tae and Jang-mi's families are torn apart in different ways. Mom starts fighting with the mistress right there and then and Jang Mi joins to help her mother-in-law.


Ugh, I fast forwarded most of Se Ah's scenes. Jang-Mi with her sunnier disposition, bounces back more easily. It was soooo cute when they were having a heart-to-heart in her room and then fell asleep holding each other.

Ki-tae stands in the middle of a tea-candle heart, surrounded by heart-shaped balloons and holding a bouquet of roses. Only a girlfriend or boyfriend would usually do that.

Marriage Not Dating Episode 11 English Sub RAW - FULL HD

Then at karaoke, Ki Tae was so petty to cut off his song, and Jang Mi seemed to forget he was even there when she was singing her favorite song with Ki Tae. Hoon-dong picks up Hyun-hee with his mother in tow, and they stop at a restaurant where his mom says Hyun-hee is pregnant and her parents are gone so someone should take care of her.

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Thank God they were a blip in in this week's episode. Log in with Email.