Leo man dating a leo woman Leo man and Leo woman

Leo man dating a leo woman

Also I think it had to do a lot with our flamboyant-ness.

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Get your ex back. We're both august Lions, maybe a week or so apart. I havent been with my Leo male very long but so far it has been wonderful.

Anytime I need him he is there, and anytime he needs me I'm there for him Its not all about the sun sign.

But my ex-husband, is a Leo of diffrnt nature. It really was a great situation for me.

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Most important they both have to give as much compliments to each other as they can you know leo prideproblems will arise if they leo man dating a leo woman with critics. Know about the love compatibility of Leo man and Leo woman.

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I have been dating a Leo man for a while now. I was scared and actually hoped to never see him again. A month after that he died in a car accident. I know it is horrible to feel that way towards someone but he has disrespected me too many times in my life. She's naturally very full on and left to her, we'll be married tommorow but i'm being cautious.

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He has such a quiet and reserved demeanor and it intrigues me. The possibility of the union touching the epitome of perfection is always present but there is also the inevitable death of the relationship that looms over the heads of two individuals of the same sign.

I was drunk at a high-school party and tried to hint at my interest. I told her to never trust scorpio man, but she done it again and its her choice. I just wonder if I can really grow as a person, with someone so similar to myself.

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In fact, you will be there in a corner- away from other people. We both lied, had to be the center or attention, got jealous easily.

I believe mutual respect and understand is important to the both of us.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It ended pretty badly and after it all I'm pretty sure we both dreaded the thought of the other but really my dread was just a lame cover for my beat up ego.

Let me tell you, the Leo man is very jealous.

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