How to get a reply on online dating Online Dating 201: Why Women Don’t Respond

How to get a reply on online dating, connect on common ground

My next priority is to get some better clothing before I worry about getting better pictures.

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We have to be the ones approaching the girls. I consider that snobbery personally.

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Hello I would like to respond to your message about your biggest pet peeve, your are absolutely correct but my understanding of it all is because women don't like to seem desperate women like to be drawn in not necessary actually saying that they are looking for a real date or companion, that's because some women like to pick and chose who they want to date which is there choice but they often wind up choosing the wrong ones instead of looking at the ones that are not flashy or have a lot of money or they figure that that one man is distasteful as in looks which is crazy but true but I also know that men do the same ….

If people can just get over the social stigma, therapy helps. PUA material can get you laid — most of it is just psychological manipulation and social pressure techniques that come from high-pressure sales tactics — but it can't teach you how to interact with women like a normal human being, especially when you're constantly trying to measure everything by social value and compliance tests.

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As I said in a comment to my earlier advice article, I'm going to give up on a real female companionship altogehter and resort to only one night stands. By complaining, you're just showing that you're not willing to put in the work to make women enjoy hanging around with you!

I'm not saying I've been shot down times.

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The guys who do those things would be out of a job if good communication was as how to get a reply on online dating as you claim it to be. I see your point, but it feels like you screen yourself out before you've even begun. Got a confidential tip? I don't see anything childish here…?


It's been really great for me so far, and I feel much better about a lot of my expectations in life. Why should she want to respond in the first place?

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Well, to mangle an old saying: Dear god, I had no idea. Before they decided to start doing PU however, they were just your normal, average joes.

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She of course, will have fulfilled all her sexual desires with other men, and you'll be the "mature" guy she's learned will make the best mate. And if you are just after sex, then you'd better make sure that the other person is a also only just after sex, and b willing to have it with you.

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I mean, the whole point of online dating sites is to use them as a tool to match your personal preferences against potential partners, but since guys will have to spend all their time and energy mass-contacting women they're not going to be able to really enjoy that aspect.

I think that it is amazingly self-centered, insecure, and needy to collect a slew of "guy friends" until one comes along that you do actually want to be with or, dare I say it, even sleep with — "right away" even — whether you admit it or not. Women need to stop assuming bad things about random guys they don't know.

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Thursday 19 February If a woman wasn't open to a relationship developing, she wouldn't be there in the first place. I would far rather care about who can fix it. I don't just walk up to them, flip my hair, and say, "How you doin', boys?