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Any extras you may wish to add to your package, can be done so either in advance or on the day. We use cookies to give you the best possible user experience. Book your scan at Oxford. The combination of our experienced sonographers and up to date equipment allows us to give you a wonderful glimpse of your unborn baby.

During these clinics, a variety of services are available including genetic counselling, detailed scanning and diagnostic procedures such as chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis. Pregnancy Calculator Our helpful pregnancy calculator will help you work out how far along you are, when your baby is due and the best time to have your scans. I feel like a bit of a statistic after the birth but their antenatel care is good.

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For more information about NIPT please click here. If a problem is detected or suspected with any dating scan oxfordshire of your pregnancy at any Baby Moments scan this will be discussed with you straight away.

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Hope it's right too. Often you can see your baby sucking their thumb, kicking and wriggling within your uterus. OK ladies i'm going to start a online dating quad cities thread about the Banbury area, we'll see who knows what C u there x.

My experiences of the Horton for the scan were good.

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Had a 9 week scan there and then went back for a 4d later on and because baby was in a bad position she rescanned me for free a week later. You will be able to see your little one inside you — moving, sometimes yawning, opening their eyes and even smiling. My OH has been hinting at me being paranoid, lol, but i'm going to show him this thread. Hi Ladies, I'm also in Banbury, 9 weeks pregnant with my first baby.

I started bleeding so was given an early scan at 8 weeks.

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Bloods returned in a couple of days and results on phone and in post. The quadruple test is a blood test performed at 15 - 20 weeks of pregnancy. Just looked at that dating scan oxfordshire This pregnancy will be the first time i get to find out the sex of babe, as my previous ones were in an area where the hospital policy was not to tell. My MW has told me my national health one, which is booked for nearly 3 weeks time!