Dating autocorrect fails 35 Of The Most Concerning Autocorrect Fails Of All Time

Dating autocorrect fails

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My dad on this phone. Killing her seems a bit harsh. Happy Birthday to you! I try not to poke beats B: I meant porkkk shaved pork.

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I hope you shaved pussy. Compare best autocorrect failures of and !

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I rest all weekend and may as well milk myseld Kill! I wrote pringles and it autocorrected to pregnant Boy: I looove rap uncle nozomi B: You are vehicular A: Her finger got stuck in my butthole Q: No, go finger the girl! I miss you too Girl: In the 8th grade my best friend was a girl just like you with redbreasts A: How did Emily break her finger? Here are the top 17 craziest autocorrect fails of that make us burst into laughing: You and Dan are into some kinky stuff.

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How was the date? I have an exam in I mean that is a crazy autocorrect!

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