Dating a omega psi phi What can you tell me about Omega Psi Phi men

Dating a omega psi phi, why do i have to complete a captcha?

He's a neophyte and he's on another campus in the same city that I'm in, so, it was a lot to swallow.

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My love was representing his house. Just be honest and don't live with blinders. When I did date a Greek, it seemed like the sorority and the fraternity he was in knew about our little spats and knew a little more that I cared to share about our personal life. I am a true blue, or should I say red, fan of those oh so sexy noble men of Kappa Alpha Psi.

One of my friends dated a greek and she had MANY problems with his new-found campus fame and all of the girls. His logic was why should I go out with my sisters to exchanges to meet guys when I already have a boyfriend I miss him a lot. However the greek community is very similar to a small town.

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It's not just him, either: He's the best guy I've ever met and I couldn't be happier. I've been dating a greek guy for almost a year now and he's completely understanding when I can't go out because we both have other priorities and have to share ourselves with others. Originally posted by Tara Archer: I'm a non-greek that dated an Alpha who was wonderful, but it was difficult at times.

I have found that it is better to date a greek man then just a normal guy, but then again I guess that all depends on who it is.

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Some day you'll meet the right man for you. It seems hard at times to believe that we exist. Letters or no letters.

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Dont get me wrong, I dont put anything past anybody, but I trust that when he goes to frat parties,etc he will remember that I am watiing for him when he gets home. He finally admitted one day to me that it bugged him that I was in a sorority.

I would have to say there is a difference in dating a greek man as opposed to dating a non-greek man. My boyfriend is an SAE and there are many men in the house that have had serious girlfriends for many years.

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The real joke is that I purchased it "slightly used" on ebay. There are dating a omega psi phi guys that feel the same. I have yet to date a greek man, however, I'm thinking it might be a bit easier than my situation from the relationship I just got out of -- he was VERY jealous of the time I was spending with my sisters and he kept urging me to leave my sorority.

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Especially ones going through rush in a couple of weeks http: