Dating a drag queen Why Are Some Straight Men Attracted to Drag Queens?

Dating a drag queen

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As strange as that might sound, embracing your feminine side might help you embrace his. Attempt to connect with what is going on inside him that drives his desire to do drag. Date us so hard. Open yourself to curiosity. Kort updates, news, and events to be sent right to your inbox.

So it was a shame when he pitched a screaming fit after I declined to go home with him. Girls are allowed to be tomboys but boys can't be sissies. It is rare that I get on with anyone this well. I wondered if my Chaser would react violently when I revealed my dating a drag queen chest, which suddenly seemed disgusting to me, so I decided to leave my little outfit on.

You would be surprised how many times I have seen this in my office among heterosexual couples. That Chasers can fall in love with our masks makes them ideal matches for us. The husband cross-dresses and the wife can't stand it. Don't walk away so fast from a potential dream relationship simply because of his doing drag.

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It is because you have been conditioned by society to scorn any man who seems even a little bit feminine. Get a good feel for what it is he does and why he does it. This is inherent sexism.


Gay is synonymous with effeminate. And in this twisted pas-de-deuxit was easy to paint the Chaser as a predator. This is because we gay men were taught the same rigid and limiting ideas about what men should and should not be - just like everybody else. What does he get out of it? But not every queen will admit the other side of the story, which is that some of us depend on them. The reaction to him then was mostly negative. Cancer female dating Sign In Sign Up. Even as an adult I was ashamed and thought that femininity in men was something to dating a drag queen and hate, and - even though it was deeply a part of who I am - I scorned it in other men.

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For reprint permission, contact us. When I see this, it always seems a true tragedy. That man is me.

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Ask your boyfriend more about his doing drag. Consider embracing it first, learning more about it - and then making a decision.

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Being raised male in the heterosexist culture means avoiding and distancing yourself from being viewed as gay in any way. The truth is that many boys are sissies, and there's nothing wrong with that.

When I really think about it, I can only recall one man who went too far in his adoration of drag. Joe Kort for your one-on-one meeting How can they ever feel good about themselves and be able to date and maintain healthy relationships? We gays have built a community where everyone must wear a costume—twink, bear, geek, pig—so it feels perfectly natural for a queen when she follows up an evening of performance art with a night of role-play.

Even after she understands that he isn't gay and that he's not going to 'come out' and leave her, she still can't get the image of him dressed as a woman out of her head.