Conan dating app Watch Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco Test Out Tinder

Conan dating app


So what was O'Brien doing on a dating site favored by people looking for a quick and shallow hook-up? But it was all under the auspices of a comedy bit for his TBS show, so everything is on the up-and-up.

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But if you were on Tinder recently and saw a guy calling himself "Chip First dating advice and claiming to be a Conan O'Brien look-alike in his early 40s, it turns out he was the real conan dating app. Not surprisingly, the photogenic Franco had much more luck on Tinder than the tall and decidedly goofy O'Brien.

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The rejection definitely brought out O'Brien's creeper side, when he darkly said, "I wish there was a way that we could know their address, even if they didn't want us to know it. Looking for a quick and shallow hook-up, of course.

"There’s way more women than I’ve met at our rallies."

Franco, meanwhile, easily made connections with nine different women through the app and eventually talk to Courtney, who was just seven miles away and was willing to meet up with Franco and O'Brien. The late night host's only successful match came from a year-old woman, who promptly ditched O'Brien the moment after they connected online. And then we could go there and make them like us.

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O'Brien's choice of transportation, a creepy brown van with a painted mural on the side, probably didn't help his situation either. To Franco's credit, he was above board in explaining they were taping a bit.

But when the pair arrived at Courtney's location -- her brother's house -- it was still apparent that O'Brien would have no luck meeting ladies, while Franco got on with ease.

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By most accounts, Conan O'Brien is a happily married father of two in his early 50s. He even brought along a celebrity guest, "22 Jump Street" star Dave Franco, for the ride.